Easy Lift Chair
Easy Lift Chair - When Getting Up Is The Hardest Thing
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Easy Lift Chair - When Getting Up is the Hardest Thing

Welcome to EasyLiftChair.org! On this site you will find a variety of manufacturers and suppliers of Easy Lift Chair and Recliner models that will relax you, lift you up and aid you or your loved one in the recovery from surgery, or in your daily activities.

Sometimes when we're faced with causes of physical mobility problems, such as lack of energy, or shortness of breath, or insufficient blood circulation, we appreciate every little instrument technology can offer us to help. A chair that offers a lift and a chair that lifts you up when you're ready to move, is a welcome helper. When your energy or disability does not allow you to easily stand up on your own, and when it is time to go, you really appreciate the big hand that an easy lift chair provides.

There are several different types of lift chairs that you can choose from. Lift chairs come in different shapes and sizes that should fit everyone's need. Let's take a closer look at the types of lift chairs that you want to choose from. These are Straight up lift chair, Recliner lift chair, and Zero-gravity lift chair and Infinite positions lift chair.

Straight up lift chair

This is a no-frills easy lift chair that does have a capacity to lift you up when you are ready to get out of a chair but will do nothing else. It does not have the capacity to recline nor stretch. It is intended for peaceful resting, watching TV and reading a book. And when it is time to get up, a push of a button will help you get out by slowly lifting the seat area of the chair.

Recliner lift chair

Recliner lift chair, also known as 2 position lift chair will, in addition to lifting itself when it is time to get in or out, will also allow you to comfortably lean back and rest in your chair. You coud still be watching TV, and for many, indeed, the reclined position is the most comfortable for watching TV in the easy lift chair.

Zero-gravity lift chair

Zero gravity lift chairs will go even one step further. They will allow you to take on a horizontal, yet not fully straightened, position. This position is terment zero-gravity position because it allows for the most natural posture when laying horizontally on the extended chair. These chairs are sometimes referred to as 3 position lift chairs, the added position being zero gravity.

Infinite positions lift chair

Some manufacturers have even gone one step further and allowed arbitrary variation of the lift chair positions, from straight up, reclined, zero gravity, all the way to straightened, horizontal, sleeping position. Specifically for this position, some manufacturers will even offer an optional mattress to enable a good night sleep.

After you have picked the type of lift chair, you will have to select the size and the width. The size of lift chairs range from Extra Large, through, Large, Regular, and Petite. Related to the size is the capacity. Smaller lift chairs will handle up to 250 lbs. of carry-on weight. Heavy duty lift chairs will carry up to 700 lbs or more of weight.

Regardless of what size and capacity, you want to pick the width of the lift chair. Lift chairs usually come in Regular, and Extra wide widths.

I'm assuming you have by now selected your type of a lift chair straight up chair, recliner chair, or zero grafity chair, or infinite positions chair and that you have picked the size, and the capacity.

Great! Now it is time to find a fabric, or leather, and the color that will match the rest of the furniture in your home. That is where the fun part of online shopping really begins. You will want to look for the biggest brands of lift chairs, such as Mega Motion and its Easy Comfort lift chair line, as well as Pride Mobility, Golden Technologies, Medlift, Action Lift Chair, NexIdea, Uplift and Berkline. And the best part when shopping online is that you don't even have to get out of your seat to shop for your easy lift chair!